Lauren & Matthew

Lauren & Matthew – Raithwaite Hall

Recently, I had the real pleasure to return to this lovely venue. Raithwaite Hall makes for a gorgeous wedding venue. It’s that simple. Check out the photo’s of this gorgeous wedding

Picture this. You get married in some of the most beautiful kept gardens, you’re surrounded by your closest friends and family and you have the beach a few minutes away. Perfect isn’t it. So in July all you require is the weather to be on your side. After all, the ceremony is to be held outside. Myself and Lauren included could only watch and prey as the day started with rain. Not ideal. It did thankfully clear and we had almost perfect weather for the outdoor ceremony that Lauren and Matthew had hoped for. From a photgraphers point of view, it’s perfect. I get the opportunity to shoot a wedding from every angle. No restrictions.

An absolutely lovely wedding party with beautiful people. An incredible day, and one that truly shows their story through their photographs. Everything and more with a trip to the beach for a seesion with just the two off them. Check them out below.



emotional brides at Braithwaite hall
raithwaite hall wedding
bride and sister for the wedding at Braithwaite hall
the girls and the ceremony at raithwaite hall
raithwaite hall wedding
The groom during a gorgeous outdoor ceremony at raithwaite hall
bridesmaid giving a speech at Braithwaite hall, Whitby
an emotional bride as she sheds a tear after the bridesmaids reading
outdoor wedding ceremony at raithwaite hall
exchanging the rings at Braithwaite hall wedding
bride and groom exchanging rings at raithwaite hall
bride and groom portrait in the gardens of raithwaite hall
on the beach at sandsend for a portrait session with the bride and groom
bride and groom portrait after the wedding ceremony at raithwaite hall