Christabel & Jmie

Christabel & Jamie – Ravenhall Wedding

This is simply one of those venues you go Wow. The views over the sea and countryside are spectacular. A Ravenhall wedding, I couldn’t be happier. The fact I also had an amazing couple who from start to finish were just fun to be with. One of those weddings you don’t want to leave. The love and friendship these two have for each other is infectious. Anyway, onto the wedding.

I’d actually met Christabel & Jamie four weeks earlier for their pre wedding shoot. A place very special to them both-the place Jamie proposed. I love bridal preparations. It’s fast becoming my favourite part of the day. You just never know what to expect and on this occasion it was all go from the moment I stepped into the room. With four bridesmaids & Christabel having hair and make up done there where pictures to be had everywhere.

Jamie was staying in the main hotel, a great opportunity to grab a few pictures of the guys getting ready. Most men don’t go for it but Jamie, he was up for anything.

Ceremony was a good few miles away in the most picturesque village you’ve ever seen. Off course the weather had to play it’s part. By the time Christabel arrived the heavens had opened. With these two, nothing was going to spoil their day. Thankfully, it had all but stopped by the time we returned to the venue. Ice cream and as much as you wanted for the guests. Yes I indulged. I always love getting the couples on their own. After the speeches we headed to the gorgeous gardens just as the evenings light started to fade. The party continued after the first dance and I made the long trek home. Well worth it.


Many thanks for taking the time to view this blog post. If you would like any further info regarding any aspect then do get in touch. I’d love to hear from you. Cheers, Gary